Rules and Terms


  • Please TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF. We keep our house clean, please take a good care of our house too.
  • Don’t use washer and dryer machines between 11pm – 7am.
  • Separate the garbage into Recycle, Compost and Trash.
  • No Smoking in the house. Smoke detectors will be activated. No Drugs (medical marijuana with prescription is allowed – please only smoke outside.)
  • PARKING: We do not provide onsite parking. Street parking only. You are the only one responsible for your car.
  • IMPORTANT: We are not responsible for your personal lost or stolen items.


  • No loud noise after 10pm. No cell phone usage after 10pm inside room.
  • No FOOD or DRINKS in the bed.
  • No rearranging the furniture.
  • Please prepare bed for cleaning: Place bedding inside out (Sheet, Duvet Cover, Pillow Case) and leave on the top of bed along with towel. Thanks!


  • Time Limit for using bathroom between 6AM-10AM 10 min max/person!
  • Use squeegee and paper towels to keep sink and floor dry after usage.
  • Please take your hair out from the bathtub, shower and sink.
  • Please do not throw anything into the toilet except toilet paper. Use the trash can.
  • Don’t leave any unmarked items in the bathroom, unless you want to share it with others.
  • Make sure you leave the bathroom clean.


  • Mark your food!
  • Don’t leave any mess and items on tables.
  • Wash and dry dishes after you use it, return to shelves where you found them or put in dishwasher.
  • When you cooking use the FAN. No cooking smelly food after 10pm.
  • If you don’t know how yo use (OVEN, STOVE, etc.) please ask Aviato.Club admins.
  • Before you check out, please take all your food from the fridge and place it on the table for others to eat or put it in the trash.
  • We don’t provide any food. Don’t eat other people’s food, PLEASE!. If your food no mark, expired, leaky or smelly Aviato.Club admins will place it in the trash.


  • Getting into arguments, fights, harassment in any way.
  • Arrange or be involved in loud parties.
  • Invite guests to use the house amenities or staying overnight.
  • Drug usage and smoking on the premises.
  • Damage furniture, walls and any other kind of house attributes.
  • If you break ANY of these “FORBIDDEN” points, you will be asked to leave the house immediately.
  • Your membership will be canceled with NO REFUND. Any deposits will not be returned to you.