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Aviato Club is a company dedicated to providing comfortable and affordable live/work spaces across California
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Revenue Share

Aviato operates your STR property and we split the profit. Keep in mind that we would also share the downside risk of a slow season or extrinsic event.

Master Lease

We assume the occupancy risk and the property owner receives the established lease payment. We prefer gross leases but would also entertain other types of leases under the right circumstances.

What are we looking for
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Commercial with 10-100 rooms residential with 6+ bedrooms

Medium sized to large properties with established STR use – former hotels or hostels are ideal – with a bedroom to bathroom ratio as high as 2:1.

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Has large common areas and spacious kitchen

Since we offer work/live spaces, it is imperative that our members can have a spacious area to work with their laptops and other gadgets. A kitchen is also required as most of our members prefer to cook their own meals.

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Convenient location in a metropolitan area

Most of our members come to the big city for career growth so accessibility to tech/corporate hubspots is a must.

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Close to public transport in walkable neighborhood

Since most Aviato Club’s members will not have cars, a property in a walkable neighborhood is a high factor when selecting the right property. Easy access to public transport for those without cars is also preferred.

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Proximity to a major airport

Easy access by public transport. Airport should be located less than an hour away from the property.

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Modern and updated finishes

Recently remodeled/built properties are ideal. However, if permitted, we are willing to make improvements to bring the property up to Aviato’s standards.

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